Licensed Banker
Tax Accountant
Tax Attorney
Cryptocurrency Attorney
International Attorney
Residential Real Estate Agent
Commercial Real Estate Agent
Cryptocurrency Chat Specialist
Crypto Social Media Expert
Front and Back End

Lead Controller
Front End Wallet Engineer
Back End Wallet Engineer
Virtual Meeting/Event Planner
Assistant Controller
Crypto Payroll Specialist
Crypto Lending Specialist
Lending Operation Analysist
Computer Scientist
Crypto Strategy Manager
Cryptocurrency Programmer

Block Chain Engineer
Block Chain Developer
Regional Sales Manager
App Software Engineer
Cryptocurrency Engineer
Gaming Specialist
Crypto Investment Broker
Sr. IT Support
Jr. IT Support
Patent Attorney
Virtual Reality Specialist
Data Security Specialist

All those appearing on our website in all capacities accept Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) as our principal method of payment. We do not pay cash/fiat – only BCR.

Send resumes with attachments to MEDIA@BCR.NEWS

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Winter Park, Florida