Maria Concepcion Powell, Micro-Finance Director, GNI 

  • Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, she has been appointed the Director of Economics in Micro Finance for the 35 Million member Indigenous businesses of the Gubernatura Nacional Indigena (GNI).
  • She brings great experience from the United States Women Grocers Association (which she founded) and brings a new set of fresh ideas. Maria ran for president of Mexico in 2018 Maria ran ran for Assemblywoman of the New Jersey Legislature in 2019
  • Maria will be bringing a lifetime of food, nutrition, food management, distribution and a great deal of financial experience not to mention a long history of personnel management expertise.  

Todd Matthews
Database Developer for National Institute of Justice

  • Development Partner for the National Institute of Justice database for missing and unidentifiable persons.
  • The database is utilized by Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide and a required research system by 9 U.S. states.
  • As a young man, Todd Matthews was fascinated by the mystery of ‘Tent Girl’ – an unidentified female corpse wrapped in a tent canvas, found in the 1960s by his father in law.
  • The recently interviewed Todd Matthews about it. Click the arrow BELOW to hear BBC’s Emily Webb as she interviews Todd Matthews for OUTLOOK

Matt Brenner, Web Developer, B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

Christian Santander, B.S. Computer Science from Loyola Marymount University, California

  • Software Team Lead Developer and Designer (Co-owner Evalow
  • Developed and deployed over 20 successful mobile apps

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