Bankcoin Reserve LLC offered $50M in a cryptocurrency escrow as a foundation to ensure this vehicle finance program. The banks joined the project. We are ready to fulfill this project again in other countries where needed and welcome.

The 50/50 program is designed to help the development of communities, allowing you to acquire a work tool such as a new vehicle at a low cost, this program allows you to acquire said unit at 50% of the agency’s list value, and the remaining 50% is paid with a trust through the administrator of the National Indigenous Government, said program will help strengthen the economy and family welfare.


It is very easy, the first step is to join the Government, making a deposit of $ 6,500.00 to the account “ADMINISTRADORA GOGA, S.A. DE C.V. ” through the following banks:

Cuenta: 0214035634
CLABE: 072180002140356340

Banco: BBVA (MXN)
Cuenta: 0115918294
CLABE: 012180001159182948

Banco: BBVA (USD)
Cuenta: 0115918618
CLABE: 012180001159186180

Cuenta: 01720141038120
CLABE: 127180001410381205

Subsequently, fill out the 50/50 program affiliation document with your general data and basic documents which are 3 passport-size color photographs, INE, CURP, Proof of address and in case you have a Driver’s License in “copies” (In case you do not have a document, go to a program administrator and ask if you can make a copy there).

After analyzing your request you will have to give 50% of the value of the vehicle you request, the price of the vehicle will be through the automotive agency of your choice so you will have to go and request the price of your vehicle with the specifications of your choice and request that they print the quote with the list price of the chosen vehicle.

The management time of your vehicle once your 50% has been deposited is 4 months from that moment, once the 4th month is over, a period of 60 days will be given so that in that period the beneficiary and your vehicle are audited.

The day you are contacted for the delivery of your vehicle, you will be asked for 15% of the value of the vehicle which will serve as a liquid guarantee, or some other guarantee and this will be returned to you at the end of your social work together with the invoice of your vehicle.

The administrative expenses of insurance and plates will be paid by the beneficiary of the social program.

Once the vehicle has been delivered, you will have to do social work, it does not necessarily have to be linked to the governorship (in case you are requested by the governor, you will have to attend), for more information on the types and examples of social work contact your program administrator.

The social work is destined for a total of 4 years or 1460 hours, a daily hour in which 1 hour a day will be used for social benefit in your community, in your street, neighborhood or with the National Indigenous Government or in the terms agreed to with your administrator.

Social work hours can be advanced depending on the characteristics of your community work, in case it cannot be done through this method, a serious example can be accumulated on weekends. Accumulate the 7 hours between Saturday and Sunday. Once the social work is completed, the National Indigenous Government will request the release of the physical invoices to the Administradora GOGA S.A. DE C.V. and will physically deliver the invoice to the beneficiary and holder of the invoice, invoices are not delivered to third parties. With this social work, you would be paying 50% of the remaining value of the vehicle and at the end of the term (4th year) mentioned you will be given your invoice and your guarantee.

If the 15% of the liquid guarantee paid by the beneficiary does not comply with the request, a third person will be hired to carry out the social work and the vehicle will not be delivered.


National Indigenous Government through its administrator has the power to receive international and / or federal resources, as well as income from the commercialization of products and services from the field, in order to favor the quality of life and the integral development of their communities by presenting Humanitarian Projects, these projects receive support through trusts, which allows the National Indigenous Government to generate sustainable development for their communities and favor the most vulnerable sectors.


The program invites the entire community to benefit from the 50/50 program, the National Indigenous Government is committed to the constant development of the community, so that all members of humanitarian projects, in reciprocity of the benefit received, contribute with their trades, professions or skills in man hours or species, with the aim of helping our indigenous peoples with the greatest vulnerability in the country and favoring their quality of life.


National Indigenous Government, through the Administradora GOGA S.A. DE C.V. It synergizes with vehicle distributors, with a national company, which will allow us through its infrastructure to obtain the objectives set in the distribution of vehicles throughout the national territory.

NOTE: On September 15, 2020, during a private event in the municipality of Xonacatlán, State of Mexico, the initial flag was given with the delivery of the first vehicles to the Humanitarian Program 35/65, Administradora GOGA S.A. DE C.V. was responsible for the program and guaranteed its compliance. The program always focused on providing assistance to obtain the automobiles for the development of indigenous peoples.

Administradora GOGA S.A. DE C.V. In collaboration with NIG (National Indigenous Government). They took this program nationwide to help the Indigenous population obtain an automobile at 35% of its value, thus benefit those who most need it.

This program ended on October 31, 2020, starting the new 50/50 program.

GHR was created to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.


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