Global Humanitarian Reserve is organizing our crowdsale as follows. Tokens can be purchased for $1 usd of matic or wETH (wrapped ethereum) token each. We are limiting sales to a minimum of $50.

Our GHR token will be used to donate to specific projects and interests as we continue to persue our mission of helping Indigenoue People all over the Globe. See some of our current projects listed here.

We will be using the initial funds obtained from the sale to further our goals and continue to help those in need, and continue to build our global network.

Once we reach 100,000 Tokens sold we will add liquidity to the token which will allow for public trading on exchanges.

To be part of the Crowdsale simply send (Matic tokens or wETH) to the matic mainnet wallet address below:


WARNING: Make sure your wallet is on the proper Matic Network when sending tokens as they can become lost if sent to the wrong address or network.

Purchased GHR TOKENS will be sent to the wallet address that sends us the matic or wETH tokens. Please allow for 24 hours to receive your tokens.

Once you have sent your matic or wETH to our wallet, continue below and add the GHR token to your wallet, many wallets including metamask does not do that on its own. Contact us if you have any questions.



GHR has token contracts on both the Ethereum Mainnet, and on the Matic Mainnet. (Beware of Fake contracts these are the only verified contract adresses)

Ethereum Mainnet Token Address: 

Matic Mainnet (Polygon) Token Address:

 Confirm Correct Mainnet

Each Token Requires you to switch your wallet to either the ethereum or matic mainnet depending on which token you are receiving. By default your metamask wallet will be set to the ethereum mainnet. Watch this video if you need to connect to the matic mainnet for our Matic Mainnet token.


We encourage using the Metamask Wallet which can be installed on PC or mobile and can also imported into other wallets.


You must add the token to your wallet for your assets to become visable. Each of the Links below each token lead to the token profile on the mainnet it is located on. 
For the Etherscan Token, link below, look for the Profile Section and Click on “More”, a dropdown will appear with a link that will interact with your wallet and add the token to your wallet with a comfirmation within your wallet asking you to add the token as seen below. (For the matic Mainnet Token Follow the same steps just look for three verticle dots in the profile section link below)

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GHR was created to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.


Winter Park, Florida