Gustas Mavroudis
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Tax & Special Finance Director
Corporate Treasurer

  • Internal Revenue Service Background Tax Professional.
  • Professional Degree: Enrolled to Practice by Internal Revenue Service with Full Tax Power of Attorney for IRS in all 50 states and State Matters 
  • B.A. Degree, Queens College of CUNY, Flushing, N.Y. Double Major-Mathematics & Economics
  • SUNY of Stony Brook, Long Island, NY. Graduate study in Pure Mathematics
  • Correspondence Mathematics Research for Two Years with Professor H. Pogorzelski of Research Institute of Mathematics, State of Maine on Transtheoretic Foundations of Mathematics
  • Enrollment Status with Internal Revenue Service is appointed by qualifying experience in the Internal Revenue Service
  • Our aim is to be tax compliant at all times

Colonel David Brenner (Ret.)
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Real Estate Director
Corporate Secretary

  • Colonel David Brenner (Ret.) -is President of C Brenner Inc., a brokerage in business since 1979 and specializes exclusively in commercial real estate transactions. 
  • Our professionals have seen it all and know how to get results in any economic market because we have been here working in real estate for five decades. 
  • As a Certified Commercial and Investment Member (CCIM), we can also access a network of over 25,000 elite commercial real estate agents across the nation and even Canada. 
  • We are committed to providing outstanding, personal service to you with honesty and the highest ethical standard.
  • Visit To Aeronautics Engineers Program at Nasa.

Michellena Yetter, Esq.
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Legal Affairs and Attorney at Law

  • CLI with Attorney General’s Office of Statewide Prosecution
  • Member of the Florida Bar in Good Standing
  • Business Law Section of the Florida Bar

Mariana Díaz Jiménez, Esq.
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Representing Global Humanitarian Reserve in Mexico
Attorney at Law

  • Bachelor of Law and Social Sciences. 
  • Master in Tax Law from the Regional University of the Southeast Oaxaca. 
  • Doctor Honoris Causa by the Honoris Causa Doctoral Faculty in Mexico. Distinction for supporting the empowerment of Latina women. 
  • CEO of the Business Magazine “Empoderamia”. A printed and digital medium for national distribution in Mexico. 
  • National Legal Counselor of the Mexican Association of Female Entrepreneurs A.C. 
  • President of the Cholula Chapter of the Mexican Association of Female Entrepreneurs A.C. 
  • Ambassador of the International Diplomatic Association for Human Rights.
  • Forbes Magazine ranked as one of the top CEOs in Mexico dedicated to empowering women by the Empoderamia platform. 
  • Recognized as one of the most important prosecutors in Mexico by the magazine “Defensa Fiscal”.

Carlos Martoral, OTD, JD
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Cryptocurrency and Health Matters
Attorney at Law

  • Carlos has been an attorney in Central Florida for over 10 years specializing in Estate Planning, Corporate Governance, and skilled transfers of wealth amongst individuals and businesses. Carlos has:
  • Experience in FinCEN compliance and MSB registration.
  • Experience with KYC and AML protocols.
  • Facilitated B2B M&A, restructuring, and development of corporate policy & training procedures.
  • An understanding of digital asset transfers into various types of Trusts.
  • Carlos is also a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (a physician) specializing in Neurological Rehabilitation. He is Board Certified in Gerontology, and is an Aging in Place Specialist. He is a professor of Healthcare in colleges and universities throughout Florida.

Jonathan Wulwick, Esq.
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Attorney at Law

  • Graduated from Saint Louis University school of Law and certified to practice law in Florida and Missouri.
  • Owner and practicing attorney of a small boutique Law firm located in Florida which handles general civil litigation excluding divorce and child custody cases.
  • Interested in the markets of crypto currency investing, crypto currency trading and cryptocurrency evolution as world currency.

Mr. Clive Aldred, Esq.
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Adviser UK Law

  • Lancaster University BA, Fine Art
  • Lancaster University Post Graduate Education
  • University of Leeds Master Education in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Based Training
  • Leeds Metropolitan University,
    Advanced Diploma, Management
  • Leeds Metropolitan University,
    Post Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Leeds Metropolitan University, Master of Law
  • Northumbria University (IT Law) Master of Law
  • Downing College Cambridge University CPE Credits IT Law
  • MCSE – Microsoft Certified Engineer
  • KPMG – Consultant Troubleshooter – London Region – Senior IT Analyst
  • KPMG – Isle of Man – Interim Director – Shoprite Group PLC

Dr. Raymond Cheng
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Honorary Advisor

  • President and CEO, of Wyith Institute™
  • Highly sought-after management consultant, expert in the business intelligence industry with over 25 years of experience
  • Enhances existing or turns around failing businesses; featured in BizAsia, CNN Financial News, as the “Devastation Survivor”
  • Expert in business re-engineering and anti-corruption strategies
  • Oxford University alumnus in Computing (Software Engineering) with distinction
  • Multiple (three) master’s degrees in E-Business and Technology, in Criminal Justice Administration, and in Criminal Investigation
  • Holds PhD in Engineering Management (Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology) and Doctorate in Public Administration, majoring in the Administration of Socio-Economic Development (Tarlac State University)
  • Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Humanities by the Southwest State University, Kursk (Russia)
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts; Fellow Member of British Computer Society; Fellow Member of Royal Society for Public Health
  • Chartered Linguist (UK), Chartered Logistician (Singapore)
  • Adjunct Professor in Business, Cultural Marketing, and in Corporate Communication

Dr. Kevin Maguire, DO
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)

Indigenous Health Matters

  • Doctor of Osteopathy believing that the body “can help” heal itself naturally when given an opportunity and proper management
  • Uses holistic methods whenever possible
  • Currently working at the Veterans Administration in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Decades of experience with both Mobile and Virtual Health Medicine Programs via Internet
Ian Williams 

Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Director of Communications 
English Language
  • GHR Communications Director, English language
  • Internationally known as a World Affairs Expert
  • Held United Nations Presence for The Guardian, UK, 20+ years
  • Current President Foreign Press Association
  • Senior analyst for Foreign Policy in Focus
  • Editor at World Policy Journal
  • Contributor, FTSE Global Markets
  • Author of the “Speculator” column for Investor Relations magazine
  • Has authored ten books.
  • Interview with Bill Miller discussing Ian Williams book (UNTOLD, THE UNITED NATIONS AT PEACE AND WAR) on  GCTV
Fernando Correa Dominguez
Global Humanitarian Reserve (GHR)
Director of Communications
Spanish Language
  • GHR Communications Director, Spanish language
  • Journalist for 20+ years at Televisa and TV Azteca
  • History Channel Broadcaster
  • National Geographic Broadcaster
  • Breaking News Producer at Jose FM 97.5 Mhz & 107.1 Mhz
  • Third Millennium Televisa, Washington, D.C.
  • Third Millennium Televisa, Israel
  • Broadcaster, Magic Druids, Ireland
  • Televisa, Broadcaster, Stonehenge, England
  • Broadcaster, Johnson Space Center, Texas USA
  • Broadcaster, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA
  • Broadcaster, The Steps of Jesus in Nazareth interview 
Dr. Al Koller
SpaceTEC Founder
National Aeronautics Technical Education Center
Aerospace Systems Engineer


  • Space, Science & Aeronautics Business & Education Advisor to GHR.Network 
  • NASA, Aeronautics Systems Engineer 

  • Campus President at Brevard Community College

  • Executive Director of Community Colleges for International Development (CCID) – a consortium of more than 100 colleges worldwide. In that capacity he worked in Russia, India, Suriname, El Salvador, Romania and Mexico to name a few. He hosted a tour of college presidents to Russia and worked with many of them on a personal basis.
  • Recently, Dr. Koller  has been working with Deacon Johnny through the Rotary Club helping with NO ONE HUNGRY a nonprofit based in Belize that has been added to GHR’s family.
  • Executive Director of the National Science Foundation‘s National Center of Excellence for Aerospace Technical Education
  • Space Museum Interview 
Gary Jones
Hammer Strength Founder
  • Business Advisor to GHR.Network
  • For more than 25 years, Hammer Strength has been dedicated to creating performance equipment for not only elite athletes, but those with the focus and determination to want to train like one. When Gary Jones founded Hammer Strength, he had everyone in mind.

    “It’s kind of ironic that I’m known for building machines that are used by (professional sports teams),” said Jones. “My intense interest is actually helping even little old ladies. The motion your grandmother uses to put a suitcase in the overhead compartment is exactly the same motion, the same ergonomics, the same everything as Shaquille O’Neal dunking a basketball. The only thing that changes is the speed of motion and the force.”

GHR was created to support people worldwide and keep an eye in the future Support.



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